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Q:  Hey Gina, my insurance policy says it will cover the replacement cost for my home if it is a total loss. Why is my replacement cost more than my home’s market value? A:  Replacement cost and market value are two different things. Market value represents what your home is worth if it is sold on the market. READ MORE >>

Q:  Hey Gina, what is a premium audit? A: Premium audits are commonly performed on General Liability, Liquor Liability and Workers Compensation policies. This is an audit of the exposure basis for an insurance policy (i.e. READ MORE >>

Q:  Hey Gina, how do I know if my auto insurance covers my rental car? A:   Your personal auto insurance, including all limits and deductibles, extends to almost any rental car you drive. That means, if you carry comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle, you’ll be protected against physical damage to your rental car. READ MORE >>

Q: Hey Gina, can you explain what PIP is and what it does?   A: The Pips put the “Woo-woo!” behind Gladys Knight’s midnight train, but in the insurance world, “PIP” stands for Personal Injury Protection. Also known as “no-fault coverage,” PIP is mandatory in Florida. READ MORE >>

Q:  Hey Gina, what is an insurance score? A: An insurance score is a numerical point system utilized by insurers to predict risk.  It is a key component to determining the total premium that an individual will pay for auto, homeowner’s, life and health insurance. READ MORE >>

With baby boomers more aware of their own mortality these days, “bucket lists” of things to do before one’s demise have become increasingly popular. Our friends at Hagerty® have listed their top five cars that need to be driven before kicking the bucket, taking the big dirt nap, biting the dust or, well, you get the idea. READ MORE >>

Q:  Hey Gina, why does my independent insurance agent request a vehicle identification number (VIN) when I apply for a car insurance quote? A:  Using the VIN, the 17-digit alphanumeric serial number found on the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle, is the easiest way to determine the correct make, model, body style, engine and transmission type for your vehicle. READ MORE >>

By Brendan Farrington and Terry Spencer | October 21, 2019   Tropical Storm Nestor was downgraded Saturday after it spawned a tornado that damaged homes and a school in central Florida but spared an area of the Panhandle devastated one year ago by Hurricane Michael. READ MORE >>

This article was originally published in the SunSentinel on January 14, 2016, 9:20 pm   By Chris Gardner         I want to commend the Sun Sentinel editorial board for addressing the issue of rising property insurance costs in South Florida with its Jan. READ MORE >>

July 10, 2015   The ransomware scam is back and more vicious than ever, according to a new FBI report. Ransomware is a virus that freezes your computer, holding it ransom until you pay to unlock it. Victims are reporting losing up to $10,000 in a new version of this scam that encrypts your files. READ MORE >>

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