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About Us

Veteran-owned Family Business

Coggins Insurance Agency, located in Pensacola, Florida, is a veteran-owned and veteran-operated family business and we are proud to serve the community that serves us. We’ve provided a wide range of business, commercial and personal insurance to our neighbors since 1993.

In today's fast-paced world, you don't always have the time or resources to find the best coverage and rates for your automobile, boat, business, home, life, motorcycle, etc... With over 25 years of experience, we deliver these services with efficiency and pride, utilizing a variety of resources to find the best fit for you.



Buying insurance isn’t like buying bread or milk.

Some people think it really doesn’t matter where they buy their insurance. This misconception could be costing them time, money, service and protection. Insurance is an important safety net for your family, your home, your car or your business. Don’t treat the purchase lightly. There is a difference in where you buy your protection.



There are three sources for buying insurance.

  • Independent Insurance Agents are local, licensed agents who work for their customers, not an insurance agency.  They can offer guidance and compare products to find the best combination of price, coverage and service for their clients.

  • Captive Agents may or not be local and only represent ONE insurance company, offering only the products that their company sells.

  • Telephone Representatives are not licensed agents and can only offer products sold by a single company. Customers rarely talk to the same salesperson twice, and never face-to-face.


Why should you use an Independent Insurance Agent?

  • Offers a long-term relationship, unbiased advice and personalized face-to-face service by a licensed specialist who serves as your advocate

  • One-stop shopping for a full range of products from a variety of companies, which offers more options to choose from, including competitive pricing and plan comparisons

  • Personal assistance when you have a claim, billing issue or need to make a change in coverage

  • Periodic review of your coverage to keep up with your life changes and changing insurance needs


We are your neighbors – come see us today!

504 S. Fairfield Dr.
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